First Look At Half-Life 2: Episode Three

First Look At Half-Life 2: Episode Three

The official Into The Pixel web site give us our first conceptual look at Half-Life 2: Episode Three with this moody painting of, we assume, protagonist Gordon Freeman facing down the Advisor seen in previous episodes. Obviously, fans of the game know that Gordon has a serious beef with the Advisor following the events of Episode Two, but this hardly seems like a fair fight. Don’t bring a crowbar to a telekinesis fight, Gordo.

While unconfirmed — the art is listed under “Half Life EP3” — it may lead to more speculation that the final episode in the Half-Life 2 trilogy will make an appearance at E3 2008. That’s been denied by Valve spokesfolk, but you know how they love to twist words.

Potentially good news for consoles owners of the Sony persuasion is that the official Into The Pixel listing tags the game as seeing release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Bigger look after the jump.

2008 ITP Collection [Into The Pixel via ShackNews]

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