Forza Developer Pushing Xbox 360

The old adage is that as a developer gets more familiar with a platform the better able it is to wring every last drop out of it. Forza developer Turn 10 is apparently doing that on what's believed to be Forza Motorsport 3. According to Turn 10 community manager Che Chou:

here's stuff being worked on here at Turn 10 that I simply can't talk about right now, but the progress we've made in the last six months has been absolutely incredible. The fact that we're working on our second game for Xbox 360 means our software architects have figured out ways to push the 360 in ways I didn't think were possible in terms of both visuals and performance. You'll pardon me if I sound a little excited, because, frankly, I'm frickin' psyched.

Just imagine how excited Chou will be on the next next Forza game. His head will pop!

Volume 98 — July 3, 2008 [Forza Motorsport 2 via VideoGamer]


    I worked on Forza 2 and I cant tell with absolute certainty that Forza 3 will look amazing. The reason Forza 2 didn't look as polished viusually is because they built a new game engine from the ground up instead of using the original Forza 1 engine. The pressue to release on time and at 60 frames per second is what caused Turn 10 to make comprimises visually. 2 more years of work with the engine will produce some fantastic visuals in Forza 3.

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