Free Halo 3 Map 'Cold Storage', Other Stuff Hits On 'Bungie Monday'

This Monday, July 7 is Bungie Day on Xbox Live Marketplace. What does that mean to you? Free stuff! The kind of free stuff that absolutely requires an exclamation point. While free gamerpics and a gratis theme will be available that day and that day only, it's the new map, Cold Storage, that will probably put the biggest strain on Live's servers.

The Bungie Weekly Update also points out that the Legendary Map Pack will see prices slashed, with the regularly 800 MS Points pack dropping to 600 MS Points. Community tough guy Luke Smith has all the details on what's goin' down this manic Monday, so do check out the newest update... and the "viddoc" above.

Bungie Weekly Update: 7/03/08 []


    i think the knew halo game you will play the story from the covenant side, i think that would be awsome!
    Oh and did i mention it should be way better then alot of the shit in halos levels like actually having fun fighting through the flood levels.

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