Gadget & Gizmo Shows Hits Sydney, Has Games (Apparently)

gg_show.jpgI was ready to ignore this release, until I noticed the brief mention of "computer games". It's entirely possible a gadget expo could have decent games, but I'm sure the organiser's definition of "gadget" gaming is very different to ours. For example, the press release mentions gamers and gaming several times, but doesn't specific what exactly we can expect.

I'm not sure about you, but when I think of gadgets and gaming, I get images of the iPhone and, *shudder*, the N-Gage. Yet, I'm sure these guys will find a way to include the PSP and DS. Of course, I might have missed the magical link between gaming and GPS!

Full release after the jump.


High-tech addicts will descend in their thousands on the Sydney Showground on December 6 and 7 for the first Gadget & Gizmo Show.

The new Australian consumer expo will be a hands-on two-day showcase of the portable and other electronic gear most people simply can't function without in daily life.

Whether in a pocket, car, briefcase, living room, hand bag or school bag - love them or loathe them - we are increasingly slaves to tiny machines. The Gadget & Gizmo Show will bring together under one roof, all the thrilling, confounding, time-saving and entertaining devices that rule our world for all to see, touch, try and buy.

Over 100 exhibitors will showcase mobile communications, portable music systems, home entertainment and electronic products, cameras, GPS and navigation systems, laptops and palmtops, car gadgets, computer games and accessories and robotics. The show will include product launches, interactive displays, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitor discounts. The show's timing during the height of the Christmas shopping period is designed to draw both gift and personal buyers as well as the expert consumers, the curious and the electronically-challenged.

More than just a fair for gaming geeks and digital dags to get a fix on the latest electronics, the Gadget & Gizmo Show is also ideal for novices who suspect they're not getting the most out of the technology they simply must have by their side to get through a typical day.

'Gadget Rage' will be a special area set aside onsite where visitors prepared to confess they can't find the answers in the manual can have their technical frustrations sorted out by a team of experts.

The irrepressible 'Gadget Guy', Peter Blasina, will be a special guest of the show, giving talks on what's new and what's coming soon in the world of 'gizmology'.


    I heard the game section at this event is the 'Anything Interactive Playzone'. I've seen them around Melbourne expos like eGames, Gamerthon and Game1. It's pretty cool - you play the latest pc and console games on some sweet looking and feeling systems. Hope the event pans out well, looks promising!

    The Anything Interactive Play Zone will be at the Gadget & Gizmo show featuring Alienware PCs, Razer peripherals, the latest games titles and more. There will be mini competitions available for the general public to win some cool prizes.

    Here are a few pics from last years eGames Expo;,849.0.html

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