GAME UK: We Can't Ship Fallout 3 CE, It's Too Heavy

anvil_left.jpgThere's no word yet on Fallout 3 and its future in Australia, so if you've decided to place your order for the Collector's Edition in a country that doesn't have draconian classification laws, I can't blame you.

Importing concerns aside, it's somewhat crucial the product in question can leave its country of origin. Unfortunately for reader Con, his order for the game was cancelled by GAME in the UK. Here's the reason why:

Sadly we will not ship this item over seas due to the weight of the item. If any orders exceed the 1kg weight limit, we will not dispatch this item and will cancel the order.

The email goes on to say that this proviso is mentioned in the terms and conditions on GAME UK's website. What isn't mentioned, however, is the weight of the Collector's Edition, though looking at the tin box and bobblehead alone, I'm not surprised it's over a kilo.

Looks like you lucked out with GAME UK Con. Can anyone recommend a substitute?

"Hello Con Sadly we will not ship this item over seas due to the weight of the item. If any orders exceed the 1kg weight limit, we will not dispatch this item and will cancel the order. This policy is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions and the shipping information section, see the link below; I'm very sorry for the disappointment caused. Kind Regards"


    It looks like New Zealand's Fallout 3 CE has changed since last check. It was originally listed on the GPStore site as having the same contents as the UK release but it's now saying instead it includes:
    - 5'' Brotherhood of Steel figurine
    - Pip Boy Key ring
    - Fallout 3 Trading cards
    - Mini Strategy Guide

    I'm slightly disappointed..

    If it's the PS3 or PC versions then it's probably far cheaper to get it via the US. Might need to pay for a courier to ship it though if it's that heavy.

    New Zealand Post will ship stuff up to 2kg over the pond. Since a censored version hasn't been submitted to the Australian OFLC yet it's a fair bet that NZ will probably get the game untouched, that might be a good way to go for the 360 release since a US import may not be possible.

    @Kurt: Sounds like the AU preorder bundle. Not sure what the deal is in NZ, but the bobblehead is exclusive to the CE, which was exclusive to EB Games here.

    Hrmm. Mine's still listed as a pre-order. Maybe they haven't gotten around to cancelling them all yet?

    Anyway, my local preorder is also still active 'til I see what happens over here. We could theoretically get the game if Bethesda changed the name "Morphine" to "Pain-b-gone" and we'd still get our lunchboxes and bobbleheads.

    Should Game UK cancel my preorder, I'll just opt for the much lighter standard edition. It's about the game after all, not the trinkets.

    Hi all, i do plan on buying this game in full. i would order it from New zealand but the gta 4 edit has left me very cautious about doing that also the cost is way more than game and playasia.i would get it from play asia if they took it off pending and actually let me order it.

    Why are they not taking pre-orders yet?


    Given it's a tin lunchbox and (assumedly) a plastic bobblehead, I can't see it tipping the 1kg mark. The GTAIV lockbox with the book, game and keys is only about 1.3 -1.4 kg.

    Logan, can one of your US Kotaku guys maybe throw some of their Fallout 3 booty on the scales and spare us an agonising wait?

    You could try . I ordered the limited edition GTA 4 from them and it arrived in Australia no problems. I got it cheaper than the retail praice in Australia too, and that was including postage.

    Thing is I can't find Fallout 3 on yet. I'm guessing that is because it is still acould of months from release.

    Well that's what our Collectors Edition is looking like at the moment. I may just cancel my GPStore preorder and look at getting it from Play-Asia instead, since they're selling the US Collectors Edition which comes with what I wanted.

    well game uk are cheap, so they will try and cut out people if it does not make them enough money and sorry to say austraila has to suffer this time :(

    Try they post anything and its pretty cheap postage.

    Are any of the versions listed at play-asia Xbox360 PAL?
    My PC is a piece of junk...

    I can't seem to see a PAL version on Play-Asia.

    I've never used them before - do they list different regions at different times or do they usuallky all go up together?

    @binaryfart It varies, but they don't always have PAL versions of games. They do test games for compatibility so you know what will work and what won't, but obviously they haven't tested Fallout 3 yet.

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