Games That Made You Go ‘WTF?’

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It’s happened to us all at one time or another. You’re playing a game and BAM – something happens, be it totally unexpected, shocking or confusing. And it leaves you with your jaw on the floor (or in your lap, for those who sit and game). Gametrailers has put together a short video compiling what it believes are the top ten of these moments, from Final Fantasy characters dying through to bumping uglies in Grand Theft Auto.

Whether you laugh, cry, or scream in anger, this video is sure to prompt a reaction. As you may have guessed, spoilers await!

TOP 10 OMGWTF moments [Gametrailers, via Blue’s News]


  • The only one on this list that I really agree with is CoD4. I was playing that level with a friend and we sort of just sat there, stunned, for a couple of minutes. The whole execution was awesome, especially crawling around and then dying in the aftermath. I think one of the chief reasons it was such a shock is that it ran completely contrary to your expectations as a gamer – you’re some kind of invincible badass up until that point, like you are in every game, and then suddenly the game twists the very conventions that you’re so used to in shooters and turns everything on its head.

    Actually, there were a few moments in that game that really stood out – gunning people down from the air was almost creepy, and the sniper sequence was just awesome.

  • hmmm those top 10’s from screwattack really have gone downhill since handsom tom left..

    he’s got a new website called which is pretty sweet though, so i guess having two sites that kickass is better than one!

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