Gary Oldman Confirms Dark Knight Game

The Dark Knight is out. Where's the game? In an interview with G4 TV, thespian Gary Oldman let it slip that a Dark Knight game is "in the works". He described how Lieutenant Gordan is in a small scene on top of the Major Crime Unit building when Batman "jumps off the building and opened his wings to fly away and save the day" — "so it doesn't stop and start", says Oldman, "like you're watching a movie". In the now since pulled interview clip, Oldman did not mention the developer or release date. Rumour has it that Pandemic is working on the title. Neato.

'Dark Knight' Game Leaks [The Feed]


    I am 100% certain Pandemic are developing it.

    I heard from an inside source that they are devving it and have been for quite some time.

    I'm fairly sure as well that it is getting devved by the Brisbane team entirely.

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