Gears Of War Movie To Be Pro Wrestler-Free

At today's Gears of War panel at Comic-Con, Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games was asked about the Len Wiseman directed movie based on the IP. Bleszinski, the executive producer on the Hollywood adaptation, says he has high hopes for the film.

"Look, we know that video game movies have been pretty bad", Cliff admitted to the crowd, attempting to assuage their fears that the Gears flick will suck. "But just think how bad comic book movies were for such a long time. We hope [the Gears of War movie]will change that".

He noted that the Hollywood shot-callers are the same age as the average gamer — 35 years old — and have grown up playing and loving video games. "Hollywood gets it... and they dig games", Cliff said.

What may depress aficionados of Gears meaty, steroid overdosed look is that the feature film may not live up to the dream casting of certain fans. In lieu of filling out Delta Squad's armour with accurately voluminous meatheads, he's hoping they'll find some actors who can, you know, act.

"I know people have ideas where they want to see some wrestler, some huge buff guy", Bleszinski "The thing we care most about is charisma, someone you'd want to watch for two hours".

What a novel idea!


    I want to know where a good setting for this film will be at. The background for the game was amazing. Will the be able to find places like this. I don't want to be looking at people in front of a green screen the whole time. This movie has to be fantastic, it will help the gears franchise so much. To bad they don't need a lot of help. lol

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