Get Portal's GLaDOS On Your GPS

If you're gettin' around town via GPS but find you just don't have enough maniacal supercomputer guidance? Should you be technologically slightly ahead of the curve and in ownership of a Garmin Nuvi (or possibly StreetPilot) GPS device, you can now receive your driving directions courtesy of the GLaGPS — Genetic Lifeform and Global Positioning System — a 'bot that does a near pitch perfect impression of Portal's GLaDOS.

Hit up the official site for download and installation instructions, but obviously not before you check out the compatible hardware guide. And the demonstration video, natch.

Genetic Lifeform and Global Positioning System [via Waxy]


    If Valve actually made a Glados GPS I would buy it. I don't think I'd be able to help myself. This sounds like a pretender to the throne.

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