Gundam Doubles Xbox 360 Sales In Japan As PSP Holds Strong

Just because Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sales are waning (finally) doesn't mean that the urge to buy PSP hardware is becoming any less intense. And even though the PSP doesn't have any software showing in the top ten for the week doesn't mean that it can't continue to rule the roost on the Media Create weekly sales charts. Nintendo hardware continues to nip at its lead and we imagine fortunes will change soon.

Somewhat more surprising is the big boost that the Xbox 360 got during the week of June 23 to 29. The release of Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation: Troy certainly seems to have helped Microsoft move some hardware. They really should just rebrand the thing the Xbox RX-78-2 locally. Can't hurt.

PSP - 58,861

Nintendo DS - 48,884

Wii - 48,480

PlayStation 3 - 17,973

PlayStation 2 - 7,673

Xbox 360 - 5,104

Media Create Weekly Sales


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