Half-Life 2 Stargate Mod: Get Your Goa'uld On

sg2_mod.jpgWhile you wait for Stargate Worlds, the MMO based on the movie-turned-hit-TV-show, you might want to give StargateTC 2 a whirl. It's a multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2 featuring the Tauris (humans) against the Goa'uld. Along with classic weapons such as the P90 and Beretta, players can wield energy staves and coujafs (Goa'uld knives, I believe).

Worth a look-see if Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike is getting all boring and whatnot. I know I stopped playing them ages ago.

StargateTC 2 [Official site, via Blue's News]


    Team Fortress 2 boring? Oh hell no. Any boredom from repetition pretty much disappeared when they introduced class-based achievements.

    @James C: I have a malaise for online shooters in general at the moment, so I'd say I'm the exception to the rule. :)

    TF2 is super boring.

    It is also not the topic at hand.

    StargateTC2 is actually quite fun and i'd say rather polished for a first beta release. Balance issues and some terrible animations aside it's looking quite good.

    Thanks for the mention, downloaded this and it's a great Mod. Played it and immediately got lost in the big maps, ended up behind the entire enemy team, took them all out.

    Yeah.....TF2 is boring.......if you spend most of your time waiting to respawn.

    Stargate TC, could be interesting, not much of a fan but I'll give it a go.

    TC2 is pretty much dead in the water :-(

    Most of the TC2 players are now playing Stargate: The Last Stand [http://www.moddb.com/mods/stargate-the-last-stand or http://www.interwavestudios.com/projects/free-community-projects/stargate-the-last-stand]

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