Help Zak Get A New Playstation 3

zak_ps3.jpgYou guys remember the sad story of Zak Touilii, the disabled Australian teen who was recently robbed of his Playstation 3? Well, it seems a fellow by the name of Daniel Alvarado has set up a donation site to raise money for a new console.

Currently, the total sits at $333. Surely we can get this to $700 and above, so poor Zak can get a few games to go with his PS3. Even if you can only afford a couple of bucks, I'm sure it'll be appreciated.

Update: Sony may have already replaced the console. As such, I've removed the donation link for the time being.


    I would be wary of contributing, seeing as Sony has already replaced his loss.

    I sure don't want a refund on my donation, buy the kid some more games with it or put it towards his wheelchair repairs.

    What a horrible, horrible story. I will contribute if the link goes back up again. Even though i hate PS3. Perhaps we can get him a 360 aswell!

    Yeah chuck it toward some games. Or even an arcade 360.

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