How's This For A 360 Dashboard?

Been a lot of talk about the 360's user interface of late, whether in ways it's showing its shortcomings or in ways it might be going all science-fiction. Today, let's take another tack, somewhere between the two. Let's look at how it might be improved upon, without the need to go all Minority Report. Mik at Platform Nation has assessed the current "blades" system, thinks (rightly) that there's too much wasted space, and has redesigned how the 360's menu system would look were he the one designing it. I must say, it's a definite improvement.

Dreaming of Dashboard 2.0 [Platform Nation]


    WOW!! that looks alot better :)

    It may have some potential, but at the moment it's poorly done. It's trying too smart and too much like website design rather than a proper console dashboard.

    Looking at the general layout, especially the grid system on the marketplace content & the wallpaper size, seems like it's designed ONLY for 16:9 TV.

    The media blades already take roughly 1/3 of the screen itself. If we use this dashboard layout on a 4:3 screen TV, I can see that it'll chop off the size of the marketplace content &/or the wallpaper by half, which will heavily compress and reduce the number of content inside it. Thus, it makes people that still using 4:3 screen find it hard to read all the dashboard content because off the limited spaces.

    The button shortcut on each media blades might work, but I don't think its necessary to correspond each single media blade with buttons, too much hassle.

    The ad banner on the bottom left clearly shows poorly done placement. It should have been no ad banner at all, or just place the ad banner on some spaces on the marketplace page. I can see that the guy trying to be too smart to cover up some blank spaces on the dashboard, but sometimes a bit of blank spaces on a layout can help the legibility of the overall design.

    I have no quarrel with the colors, but it might be better with less number of colors used.

    To me, this is a layout that I can navigate with mouse, not with gamepad. I know it's just a fan-made design, and I admit it has a potential to be very well working design. It just need more development.

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