Infinite Undiscovery Box Art Clues In DLC

That right there is the box art for upcoming tri-Ace developed, Square Enix published Xbox 360 game Infinite Undiscovery. While Square Enix never said that the single player game would have online play (hence the no "Xbox LIVE" box decal), the game's box art does have a "LIVE" logo on it (no "Xbox" though). Hrm, does that mean this offline game could very well feature online DLC? The Japanese Infinite Undiscovery site states "Xbox Live: DLC" under the "Spec" tab. So, sure seems like it.

INFINITE UNDISCOVERY Box Art [Square Enix Members via Siliconera]


    Does anyone else think that its a horrible name for a game? Not so much in it implication but simply try and say it. Theres simply no flow between the two words.

    I know it seems pathetic but I'm just having trouble. Maybe its my old age (21) catching up with me and causing me to complain like the rest of the gamer crowd haha

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