Is Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Coming To Japan? 'Ask Them'

That's Xbox Japan bossman Takashi Sensui in that candy house. Earlier today, he wasn't in a candy house, but the Square Enix press conference. And he was sitting in the first row! While Final Fantasy XIII has not been announced for Japanese Xbox 360s, we asked Sensui how he felt about the announcement:

Question: "How do you feel about the announcement?"
Sensui: "We're really excited about it".
Question: "Do you think Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the Xbox 360 in Japan?"
Sensui: "Ask them [Square Enix] ".

Okay, so Square Enix, will it?


    hey if final fantasy 13 is goin on xbox then have gears of war 2 go on ps3 also cause ff13 was just

    for ps3 and now xbox can play ff13 we should have gears of war 2 on ps3

    also it be cool to experience a new game that was for the xbox on ps3 so why not try it

    well that will never happen microsoft is massive and they have a contract with Epic games for the gears of war series the most of gears u will see on ur ps3 is the gears of war movie on blu-ray haha trade your shitty ps3 for a 360 i know i did best choice as a gamer i made P.S Microsoft rule period.

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