Is Team Bondi In Trouble?

teambondi_top.jpgLocal dev portal Tsumea picked up on a July 23 article over at Playstation Lifestyle about the Sydney-based Team Bondi and LA Noire. The article references a post on TB's website, which states the studio is looking for animators to help finish production on the PS3-exclusive, noir-inspired title.

The thing is, the post in question is over two months' old. Anyway, that's not what caught my eye.

Have a read of the last comment by Aus artist for the PL story:

Team bondi lost all its lead programmers a few months ago and havent been able to fill the positions as far as i know. From what I have heard they are currently suffering from financial troubles. Previous emloyees [sic]have said it was a terrible place to work also.

Hardly conclusive, but I decided to pay a visit to Team Bondi's job page. Lo and behold, it's looking for no less than seven coders, and has been since April '08. It seems like an awful lot of programmers to be looking for during the arse-end of production. Whatever's going on, it does put an interesting spin on LA Noire's prolonged development.

L.A. Noire Almost Complete? [Playstation Lifestyle, via Tsumea]



    This is stupid.

    How do I know....

    Let's just say I know a little more about that company then you do.

    They are hiring QA/Testers at the moment. Hence the game LA Noire is in playable form.

    You can apply for the position if it is still up on seek.

    Those jobs have been up for months upon months.

    You could just ask them you know? It's not that hard.

    Instead of calling them, you want to try and spread a bullshit rumour, because they have no updated their site for a while.

    @Lee: Actually, it was updated at the end of June going by the jobs page. I imagine if the positions had been filled, they would have been removed from the site at that time.

    All I've done is made an observation and asked a question. If Team Bondi's doing fine, that's great. I should also add that companies tend not to comment on the particulars of their financial situation.

    I applied for a job the other day there...

    They seemed pretty nice to me.

    In other words.. you didn't call first did you?

    I just dont see the point of this if you havnt at least wasted 30c on a phone call.

    I guess it depends on how tight ass Kotaku Management is =)

    "Previous emloyees [sic] have said it was a terrible place to work also." +1 Sad, but very True.

    @Logan: Great post mate, keep it up.

    I'd expect LA-Noir to be soem sort of a playable form, they've been working on it for years after all.
    I have no idea about what's going on there at the moment, but the only person I know who has been a programmer on LA Noir decided to quit game development completely, but this was years ago and probably doesn't have any relevance to the current situation...

    Still, it cannot be a good thing if they have had a bunch of people quit, the last Sydney based studio I remember that started having problems retaining staff, led to missing milestones, which led to them crashing and burning...

    Team Bondi has been trouble for sometime. Many talented and experienced people have come and gone from their "team", hell even people they flew in from Team Soho have left them out of poor leadership and working conditions. Someone in these comments is lying, especially as the Team Bondi management are renowned for doing "anonymous" post to forums and comments to make their product sound good.

    LOL @ Lee's comment... Insider ftl...
    I worked in TB for a considerable amount of time... POS workplace... POS management... POS treatment of workers... POS conditions... Conclusion = POS company... Sorry if this doesn't sound very professional, but that company DOESN'T carry itself very professionally. It mistreatingly and unrespectfully goes through employees like a fish goes through water... And it's not because the workers in Australia are sub-par. The company was a soulless machine that always carried an almost malevolent demeanor towards employees, this stemmed from the leadership and reflected upon the type of people that were placed in leadership roles... I'm amazed at how it still stands and how such little amount is known about how crap workers are treated. Institutions and agents know about Team Bondi and about how badly workers get mishandled... I'd love for an independent report and investigation to get published and finally see this POS monster get brought down forever...

    U can probably tell I've been scorned by this company... Well I ASSURE you I'm not the only one... While I was there I watched countless artists and programmers walk out the door, defeated, burnt, fed up and scarred... Some of the first year graduates I've met never returned to the industry because of these fags...

    @Ex TB employee
    homophobic bigottry doesn't exactly make you someone anyone would want to work with...

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