Ivy's Soul Calibur III Outfit Surprisingly Less Whorish Than We Recall

If the Soulcalibur IV media flood has you pining for a simpler, more demure Ivy, perhaps this Soulcalibur III era Ivy from Enterbrain will fit the bill. Oh, sure, the breasts are still obscene and the outfit isn't exactly appropriate for Sunday mass, but at least there's some amount of coverage here. Plus, it's perfect for displaying on your work desk. What co-worker wouldn't impressed by $US 120 worth of PVC, moulded perfectly into Ivy form?

If the cost and shame hasn't scared you off yet, inquire with your immobile action figure importer of choice, because there's not a ton of time between now and September.

Soul Calibur III 1/6 Ivy [HobbyStock]


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