Jumpgate Evolution Demands Your Attention

Jumpgate Evolution Demands Your Attention

NetDevil’s Jumpgate evolution is a concept that sells itself. Massively multiplayer Wing Commander, anyone? How about some co-operative Privateer? It’s a game that combines twitch-action space combat with levels and experience points. It’s an excuse to dust off those old flight sticks. You’ll even be able to play as a trader, paying more combat-ready players a cut of the action to make sure you make your deliveries safely. Space convoy!

It sounds amazing and looks rather lovely for a game with a scalable engine, allowing it to run on computers old and new, which is why every time I write about the game I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of it. Hell, when I sat in with Codemasters’ Lilit Baron last week at E3, he almost seemed pleasantly surprised that I had been keeping up with the game. Codemasters is gearing up to cure the rampant ignorance over Jumpgate Evolution, and the Q&A, which you’ll find after the jump, is just the beginning.

Jumpgate Evolution

How long has Jumpgate Evolution been in development?

NetDevil, the experienced US based MMO developer have been working in MMOs for a number of years, and have recently turned to Jumpgate Evolution in the last two years. This is an ongoing process and the game will continue to be developed for many years to come post release.

What makes Jumpgate unique?

Jumpgate brings together popular elements from all time classics such as Elite, X-wing Vs Tie-fighter and Privateer and combines them in a living, breathing persistent world. Gone are the days of point and click combat, Jumpgate puts the action at your fingertips with fully responsive twitch based controls like never seen in any previous massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO).

Beyond this Jumpgate is being developed as being an accessible / intuitive game experience providing the soft comfortable learning curve of a new game along with the depth needed for hardcore gamers. Much like World of Warcraft which made fantasy MMO gaming accessible for the masses it is the expectation of Jumpgate to replicate this within the space sci-fi MMO genre.

Can you give us some information on the background lore of the game?

The lore surrounding Jumpgate is something that is constantly being worked on and evolved, as all good stories should. Without going into to much detail and ruining some of the surprises that will come up as you play the game, and a few juicy bits that will be revealed by our community team, I can tell you this much.

There are 3 nations in Jumpgate, all of whom are human and used to live in the Milky Way as one. These were war ravaged times for humanity as they fought a constant battle with the mysterious conflux who were hell bent on destruction of all life and nothing else…there was no reasoning to be had…just a unquenchable blood lust.

With humanity on the verge of annihilation the future looked bleak until there was a massive ‘shift’ and the majority of humanity were flung to the other side of the universe. Away from the Conflux they set about rebuilding themselves and fragmented into 3 differing factions adhering to their own ideals.

Once established they started to reach out further into their new territory, encountering new life amongst the wreckage of long lost alien societies. This semi-peaceful exploration was soon shattered by the re-emergence of the Conflux! Using unstable wormhole technology they started appearing sporadically through out the sector. It is in this unstable time that we join the tale…

Can you give us an overview of NetDevil and their involvement with Jumpgate?

NetDevil are the developers responsible for the creation of the Jumpgate universe, as well as its ongoing development. They are the cornerstone of the project creating the game and server code that will allow players to live out their space fantasies. The team is made of very experienced programmers, artists, technical engineers and producers who will work closely with the team at Codemasters Online to bring the game to market.

NetDevil have great pedigree as one of the few companies that have successfully launched and run an MMO. In addition to Jumpgate they are also working on the Lego MMO.

Can you give us an overview of Codemasters Online and their involvement with Jumpgate?

Codemasters Online was established 3 years ago as part of the larger Codemasters organisation focusing specifically within the area of online games; with a number of titles under its belt; including the phenomenally popular The Lord of the Rings Online in Europe.

Codemasters Online will be responsible for the publishing of Jumpgate across N.America / Europe and will also be operating the game in Europe.

When is the BETA going Live?

Commencement dates for the Jumpgate BETA are yet to be announced with full details to be announced first on the games official global portal.

Where can I get more information on the game?

For more information on Jumpgate or to sign up for the BETA visit the games official global portal at www.jumpgateevolution.com


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