Kid Freaked Out By The Dark Knight: Parent Or Government To Blame?

dk_j.jpgA mother with an eight-year old child decides to take her son to see a movie. Kung Fu Panda? Nope. How about Get Smart? Forget it. This mum decides that The Dark Knight is appropriate. Doesn't matter that the film has an M rating, there's Batman Lego, and kids play with Lego! Infallible logic there.

It's a true story, according to an article by Alison Stephenson on Here's a quote from the mum in question:

"I'm horrified, this movie is rated M and I almost feel it's heavier than an R rated film. I had to cover his eyes and talk to him throughout to cover some of the dialogue.

"I mean these companies market Lego products to children like my son. This movie should definitely be rated higher. We're going to go and get some sunshine and go somewhere happier!"

I'm not sure what the mother was expecting - an M rated movie is hardly appropriate for an eight-year old - but what is apparent is that her understanding of classification symbols is vague at best. Shame there's no government initiative designed to educate her, isn't it?

Films can be better regulated than games? Please.

The day I endured the Dark Knight [, thanks Robert]


    Why so serious?

    You have got to be kidding me...It's because of stupid people like that we don't have an R18+ rating for video games.

    "Oh there is lego batman" please...

    Just crazy... The mother of the 8 year old = not very bright. The cinema staff? Can they not tell the difference between an 8yr old and a 15yr old? As for the author of the story.... i dunno, she needs a impactacious event upside her head.

    This women is almost reason enough to introduce some kind of "parent material" screening process. Morons like this only spawn more morons. I mean how can these people honestly believe that its the governments fault for their failures as an "Adult". No 8 year old should be made to sit though a movie which not only has a big fat M 15+ written on the signage but with a blurb which also mentions "Horror Themes".

    I saw a similar thing the other day in my local Game Traders. This kid had pulled his mum into the store to grab some cheap games (it being the school holidays she was probebly just trying to get rid of the annoying "mum i'm boooored"'s). This kid has picked up a copy of Vice City given it to his mother who has walked over to the counter to pay for it no questions asked. The clerk being the responsible person he was noticed this and enquired if she felt the game was appropriate for her 10 year old son and pointed her to the ever overly visble MA15 label.

    The mother then thought for a moment looked at her son and asked "isnt this the game we said you couldnt play?". The kid obviously blurted out the blantant lie among a series of umms and ahh's "no mum that was mortal combat". Instead of calling/rousing on him for the obvious lie she sighs and says "It's fine he has 2 older brothers and he hears worse" as if the only thing in the game that could possible make it MA was the fact that people said "naughty words".

    I nearly jumped on her for it but none the less i'm willing to bet shes the same kind of parent who seems to think that all thats required to raise children is chocolate and a television.

    It's stupid parents like this woman that are holding up a fair and balanced ratings system for video games. What an idiot, it's blatently obvious that The Dark Knight isn't a film for 8 year olds, with its M rating and it's obviously dark tone that can be picked up from any of the advertising materials.

    At least we've now been informed that Lego products over rule the classification system. Let's get Lego on to making some Fallout 3 products, quick smart. LOL!

    following that logic, there's water pistols shaped like handguns, so 9mm guns are safe for kids... right?

    Well played. Well played indeed.

    How in the world did that mother think that the movie would be appropriate for an 8 year old? Did she see all the news coverage of Ledger and think "oh, he looks so sweet and cute in that Batman Lego movie. My boy will love it"?

    Good lord. While the government DOES need to get its act together in terms of ratings (nothing new there), this woman lacks common sense. So did the reviewer who wrote the piece.

    HELP US MICHAEL ATKINSON!! Let's ban the dark knight! Jesus man, it says M, and the lego thing that's that most retarded thing I've ever heard. I did think Two face looked pretty freaky for a film you know parents would bring their kids to. It could say R rated and parents would, and the bomb in the guys guts was cool but come on its the parents fault, if a sign says danger and you decide to walk by it then its your damn ass fault.

    It freaked me out too, there's some dead bloke in it.

    fail fail FAIL!!!

    Why are people so stupid? WHY!?

    @ KORWIN: May I ask which Gametraders store this was in?

    I assume that this woman is the type of person who condemned Bioshock for being an "ultra-violent cesspool" based on the fact you can kill little girls, and then took her son home to play San Andreas? Honestly, if everyone were as stupid as this woman, we would be wrapping our kids in bubble wrap by now.

    And you can bet that A Current Affair will do a story on this.

    o ffs

    we dont need the government to hold our fucking hand at every turn do we?

    this isnt communist china.

    she only has her own stupid self to blame for being so dumb.

    Same problem with the games R rating. Atkinson has decided that the government needs to step in and protect the people for their own good. This stupid fucking woman only reinforces his belief, althouth wouldnt we be better off holding a bit more responsibility for our own stupid acts?

    Its like watching Idiocracy.

    @Papyrus Joe

    Game Traders Tuggeranong in Canberra.

    Why didn't she just leave? ...

    She didnt think to walk out of the movie when she discovered it was inappropriate? She had to talk her son through it? Thats f*ing hilarious!

    Stupid woman. Did she know what the film was going to be like before she went and saw it? I feel sorry for the kid because he had to suffer for his or her mums idoicy.

    I returned from seeing TDK about half an hour ago, and I took my 11 year old neice to watch it with me. She wasnt scared at all, she actually laughed at Joker's entrance as well as his quirkier moments. If you ask me, Id say the parent is to blame for traumatizing to boy

    Haha I read this and then just couldn't help myself to go to the site and post a nice comment -

    Laurina of Sydney I feel no sympathy towards you or your son. The Dark Knight is rated M - which in this country means "M15+ - Recommended for mature audiences 15 YEARS AND OVER" - Yes that doesn't mean restricted, and yeah the logo is a friendly Blue colour instead of a horrifying Blood Red like the MA15+ logo, but seriously you are the only one to blame for your mistake. Your son is 8, the movie is recommended for 15+ unless i'm mistaken your son will be about ready to watch it in roughly 7 years time. Get a clue, i'm 23 years old and appear to be more mature than you. Would you like some life coaching lessons? Maybe some parenting lessons? I'm available for both for a nominated fee.

    That's my rant for the day....sigh

    Yup. We really are turning into a totalitarian nation. I can tolerate the ridiculous amount of red tape in this country [in small doses] but filtering the internet and rejecting a practical R18+ game rating? Imbeciles (like that mother) only speed up the process.

    I would like to thank News Limited for showing the clear ignorance of parents everywhere.

    To Sydney mother Laurina: Coke has an agreement with Bundy to have Bundy and Coke in cans, but you wouldn't give that to your kid because he likes Cola, would you?

    Just because there is Batman Lego, it doesn't mean "Batman" is for children.

    M stands for Mature, 15 or over. That's what ratings are for - a guide for parents. Don't assume anything when raising your children - LEARN the ratings and use your judgment from advertising and reviews.

    Stop relying on other people to protect your children. Their your children and your responsibility!

    Is this woman insane?

    M rating is there because it's for MATURE AUDIENCES NOT A FREAKING 8YR OLD.

    If she had a brain she would have jerried it wasn't like the others.

    gg you stupid Sydney twat it's people like you that destroy things for the rest of us.

    If only there was a way to get rid of these idiotic morons, who just like to lay around and blame other people why their kids run around destroying things.

    Poor kid, I know who's gonna get thrown into a nursing home when they get old...

    I went to Dark Knight this afternoon. Sitting behind me was a very stupid father and 2 children under the age of 8 I would say. What a stupid stupid father?? The kids talked nonstop through the film,,..."daddy why.....?" " does that mean that man is...."? blah blah. When I turned and told the guy that I couldn't hear case his kids were having a conversation with him, he told me to mind my own business. I then said" hay mate....this film is rated M and these kids shouldnt be here."

    Poor kids and very stupid father. Probably taking kids out without the mother knowing what the hell Dark Knight is. A violent and adult film. I hope these kids arent tooo scared and scarred from this viewing. Why dont we have a more age enforcing law. We should be looking after these poor kids, and sometimes saving them from stupid parents who take no notice of "suggested " or "recommended" ratings like MA.......

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