Konami Whips Up Castlevania Judgment, An Online 3D Fighter For Wii

It's official. Castlevania Judgment, the first 3D fighting game to bear the Castlevania brand, is coming to the Wii this Fall. Series producer Koji "Iga" Igarashi is helming the project with a little help from manga artist Takeshi Obata, the man in charge of character designs this go 'round. Obata may be best known for his work on Death Note and the Blue Dragon manga adaptation.The title was revealed in this month's Nintendo Power.

The Castlevania Judgment release points out that the Wii game will feature head-to-head battles via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Fans of wireless signals will also be thrilled to learn that Castlevania Judgment can wirelessly connect to the Nintendo DS via Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, unlocking "bonus gameplay content". Guess that confirms this little rumour, eh?

Full release is after this.


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