Kotaku Originals: Wonder Septuplet Powers, Activate!

This being the E3 week, we churned out a huge amount of reporting and you consumed it in record-breaking numbers. Knowing that this post would serve as an E3 recap of sorts, I've categorised some things out in the jump. This covers stories that we tagged original; there might have been some others from the conference that didn't get that tag. Either way, this is our comprehensive E3 coverage list, so if you're not seeing something below, check that.

As a part-timer and the least experienced game writer on this staff, I had my own impressions of E3 which I will write up later, from an outsider's perspective. (I was only there Sunday and Monday). We all work in separate cities, and this event allows us a time to work together, in person. And the Kotaku staff of Fahey, Bash, McWhertor, Leigh, Adam, Maggie and of course, Crecente — with help from Gawker managing editor Noah Robischon in Los Angeles, and Jim Reilly working offsite on multimedia assets — came together like a team of superheroes to put out one hell of a report for you this week. They're all recovering this weekend, but show the Supa-Kotakufriends a little love in the comments.

Nintendo Introduces Wii Motion Plus
Xbox Division FINALLY Reports Profitable Year
Tretton: Sony Considering PSP with Harddrive
Mario & Zelda Teams Both "Hard At Work" On Wii Games
The New Xbox Experience: Just The Facts (And Maybe Some Conjecture)
Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Booth Babes

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