Kotaku's E3 Party: Great Success

Last night, hundreds of Kotaku readers were joined by fellow colleagues and game developers as we rang in E3 by swilling gallons of alcohol at LA's lovely Golden Gopher. Sure, there was only one bartender on hand to meet the needs of dozens of thirsty commenters and lurkers, but that didn't stop us from ordering drinks seven-at-a-time and partying hard.

It was a fantastic crowd, probably twice that of the E3 2006 party at the same location, full of friendly (and bashful) Kotaku regulars alongside compatriots at MTV, G4, Giant Bomb and elsewhere. Sure it got a little ugly at times — and we don't mean photogenic commenter Shindokie! — and Crecente committed a party foul by playing video games, but these photos, courtesy of Vlad and Jon from Videogame Visionary, show that folks aren't afraid of a good time.

Thanks a million to everyone who came out to rub elbows, snap shots and drink on our dime.


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