Led Zeppelin Uncomfortable With Licensing Songs To Rock Band, Guitar Hero

There's little doubt that the artist line-up for Rock Band 2 is shaping up nicely. Guitar Hero is getting some nice exclusives as well. With Journey, Boston, Metallica, The Who and other top tier acts lending their tunes to the dominant rhythm games, there aren't many superstars left to cross off the list.

One of the artists that continues to elude both Activision and Harmonix is Led Zeppelin. It's been chalked up to a lengthy licensing process, but a recent write-up from the Wall Street Journal helps shed more light on the British band's absence.

According to their management, the band isn't "comfortable" giving up access to its master tapes, the very thing required to edit these things down to Rock Band and Guitar Hero ready formats.

"It ain't about the money", says Peter Mensch of Q Prime Management who handles Led Zep's interests.

In better news, the Wall Street Journal writes that hold outs like Van Halen, Steely Dan and Guns N' Roses all have "deals in the works to bring more music to gamers. In far, far worse news, so are the Eagles.

Aerosmith Stars In Guitar Hero Videogame [WSJ - thanks again, Max!]


    Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time, and it does suck that they wont let people play them on these games. I play both GH and rock band, but i play actual guitar way more. Its way better b/c you dont have to rely on the games 4 what you want to play. Try it.

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