Let's Dress Up Chun-Li

As we previously posted, the Japanese arcade version of Street Fighter IV will feature Taito's NESYS Card System to save and track data — plus a mobile phone site, too. During arcade play, players can win and save "Battle Points" on their NESYS Card. The Battle Points are weighted, so, for example, if you defeat a player with a high ranking, you'll get more Battle Points. Besides BP, players can also earn "zeny" when winning and then take that saved zeny to the SFIV cell phone "Zeny Shop" where players can purchase outfits and different coloured costumes like Chun-Li's new threads (pictured). What's more, players are able to receive a stamp at the mobile phone contents shop (one stamp a day), and those stamps can be traded for ringtones, ring voices and mobile phone pics at the "Stamp Shop".

春麗に待望の新コスチュームが!? [Famitsu]


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