Live In Sydney? Come And Watch My Show!

prod_us.jpgTime for your off-topic weekend post! You've been warned.

A good friend and I are putting on two shows in August at UNSW's Studio One - The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, and The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. Not sure what they're about, here's a description:

The Dumb Waiter: An absurdist comedy set in England, that finds two hitmen waiting in a room for instructions on their next target. As things get more and more bizarre, tensions rise...

The Zoo Story: Seemingly at random, Jerry approaches Peter, who is trying to read peacefully on a park bench. Despite Peter's protests, Jerry simply keeps talking with furious intent, about his apartment, about his family, about his life and about a dog... what is it that he wants?

So, if you live in Sydney, and don't have plans between August 12-16, book yourself a ticket or two and prepare for some great theatre. I'll even be there, doing the whole director thing, if the prospect of meeting me excites you. I know it gets me tingling.

The Dumb Waiter & The Zoo Story [Sketched Out Productions]


    Sounds a treat, though I have exams up until the 15th.

    Will both productions be screened every day, including the 16th?

    Hmmm, I do live only 7 minutes walk away. I'll consider it =)

    @Ben: Yep, both shows will be playing every night. So whatever works best for you. :)

    Sounds like a good prospect, theatre is such a rare occurance in Sydney compared to other entertainment.

    Bloody hell Logan, is there anything you don't do? Can you just pick one thing - running a blog, being a journo, programming or directing - instead of all four? You're making the rest of us look completely inadequate.


    yeah, cause plays are only put on in Sydney like... once every couple years or something!

    Sounds like a good night out, unfortunately I'll be traveling.

    @Logan: Is this why you stopped game of the week? I miss those. If I had any programming skill whatsoever I'd try one myself.

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