'Major' PS3 Exclusive To Be Announced In August?

The PlayStation Lifestyle blog promises that on August 3rd, a "MAJOR" PlayStation 3 exclusive will be announced that makes MAG, Killzone 2 and inFAMOUS look like "NOTHING" (yes, the author seems to like all-caps).

The blog also says it'll offer three hints on Saturday, July 26th, stressing that it is a "new" PlayStation 3 "exclusive". In this case, it's the author, not I, who put those words in quotes — does that make anyone else a little leery?

Right now, all that's up in the post is a reminder that the announcement is unrelated to Square Enix's event over the same August date. Uh, oo-kay? Oh yeah, and they've got three words listed, all of them crossed out with strikethrough:

Next gen Twisted metal

Real? Hoax? Guess we'll find out.

Announcing MAJOR new PS3 exclusive on 3 August [PlayStation Lifestyle]


    hmm...The new Halo? :P

    DUDE, why the hell are they hyping this up. Sony you better listen to me and listen good, if you are getting me ultra excited for nothing I'm going to break your legs! Metaphorically of course:)

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