Meet The Aussie Actress Behind Resident Evil 5's Sheva Alomar

resi_girl.jpgMichelle Van Der Water: She's been in ER (I know that!), The Inn (okay...) and Max Knight: Ultra Spy (what the hell?). Now, she's the model behind Resident Evil 5's gun-toting Sheva Alomar, according to Originally from the 'gong in NSW, Van Der Water now lives in LA.

The piece goes on to say the role eventuated after Van Der Water received a surprise call from her agent. She found the experience exciting and the end product pleasing. Well, that's good to know.

Van Der Water isn't the first Australian to be involved in Capcom's survival horror franchise. Christopher Egan found himself on the wrong side of a pair of zombie chomps in the uncompromisingly arse-tastic Resident Evil: Extinction.

Australian Actress to star in Resident Evil 5 [, thanks Anthony][Pic]


    That's excellent to hear. Gaming and Australia don't usually go together so well. Anything that can raise the profile of gaming in Australia is a plus. I'm from Wollongong, so I hope the local media gets a hold of this.

    I accept your kind offer to meet this fine looking woman.

    Nice smile...

    Might be dumb question, but is she the voice actor behind the charater as well as the model?

    Great to see some Aussie talent hitting the games.

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