Mega Man 9 Details: There's A Woman!

GamesRadar got the first look at the recently-announced, retro-style Mega Man 9 that's heading exclusively to Wii Ware - here are plenty of screens, plus the news that one of the enemies is not a Something-Man, but a Splash Woman. Sweet.

GamesRadar says it's just like the "maddeningly difficult" NES games of the early '90s, but that "there are a few extra touches that acknowledge what later games brought to the series".

Hit the jump for screens and to learn who you'll encounter:

Galaxy Man: level consists of portals that fling Mega Man all around the level, maintaining his momentum with each fling (a lot like Portal, actually), plus enemies that divide into multiple copies of themselves.

Plug Man: home to the required "disappearing block" puzzle

Hornet Man: bees, lots of bees

Jewel Man: there are swings here that you have to move with built-up momentum - we had to try it several times before we could make the jumps

Magma Man: lava and plenty of one-hit-kill beams

Concrete Man: the Guts Man of Mega Man 9

Tornado Man: scourge of the Midwest has one of the hardest levels with tons of mid-air leaps and spinning platforms

Splash Woman: yes, a woman robot master. Level features a hovering bubble puzzle we saw in Mega Man 5. One of the masters designed by Inafune himself

Mega Man 9 Exclusive Reveal [GamesRadar]


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