MGS4 Limited Edition On Sale At GAME

game_mgs4.jpgIf you missed out on the limited edition of Metal Gear Solid 4 thanks to EB Games' silly exclusive, GAME appears to have packs for sale. Well, that's what its website says in any case.

Too good to be true? It's not, as long as you're comfortable unloading $169.95 from your purse/wallet/man servant. I can't imagine this will stay available for long, so if you're super-keen, you better be super-quick.

Update: Well, that went faster than I expected; the product has disappeared from GAME's website!

Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition [GAME]


    $170?! Are the discs pressed from pure platinum or something?

    The link is now broken, and redirects to the GAME homepage. Actual product has also been removed, so I guess that's it.
    Hope everyone that wanted it, got it. ;)

    Doesnt say anything at any of the links you provided or when you search, spamming sites, tisk tisk.

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