Michael Atkinson Tempts The Law, Calls Own Magistrate “Daft And Delusional”

Michael Atkinson Tempts The Law, Calls Own Magistrate “Daft And Delusional”

ma_face.jpgMichael Atkinson? Who’s that guy? Oh yeah, that’s right – he’s the Attorney-General against an R18+ rating for video games. Fallout 3, Dark Sector, Grand Theft Auto IV – their bans and/or censoring can be primarily attributed to this man.

Some will be sad to hear that Atkinson’s tempting had nothing to do with an irate cop, a baton and an unspeakable act. No, according to a story over at The Australian, Atkinson is on the verge of being sued by Dr Andrew Cannon, one of his own magistrates. Dr Cannon has accused Atkinson of defamation, after the South Australian AG called one of his statements “daft and delusional”.The article goes on to say that even with the “Law Society of South Australia, the Australian Council for Civil Liberties and the Judicial Conference of Australia” criticising Atkinson’s remarks, the AG continues to stand by them. What a steadfast fellow the AG is, even in the face of overwhelming criticism of his position.

If Atkinson is proved to be wrong in this case, it stands to reason he could be wrong about other matters. I’d never wish bad fortune on anyone, but if Atkinson is successfully sued, it might provoke a change in his world view. Might.

Last chance for Attorney-General to avoid being sued [The Australian]


  • Michael Atkinson truly is Australia’s’ answer to Jack Thompson. He’s a complete tosser who would die to prevent the introduction of an R rating. Maybe this is the universes way of getting rid of him for us gamers?

  • Hey fellow Aussies.

    After doing some reserch i found out that under section 42 of the “Classification (publications, films and computer games) act 1995 (the act that the OLFC use as a guideline for the classification of video games in Australia) any person “aggrieved by the decision.” of the OLFC can ask for a re-review of the game.

    thats prety much every pissed off gamer in Australia

    Section 42 of the act

    OLFC Complaint page

    It shouldbe noted that the “code” that the OLFC use as their guideline have this as their fist point

    “Adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want”
    ~ National Classification code

    This is all well and good with movie because they just get an R or X rating. with the fact that games cant get an R rating is seems not even the OLFC abides by its own rules

  • Isn’t this pretty much the exact story that was posted about Jack Thompson a few days ago? Man, he must be daft and delusional himself to follow in THAT guy’s footsteps.

    You know, it’s funny. Me and some friends had a very interesting discussion a few hours ago to Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw and Jason Hill from The Age about the R rating. Hill had alot more to say, but they both made some interesting points. I think the best being Hill’s point that this is an embarrassment to the country and to every Australian developer. What publisher wouldn’t be scared to develop in a country that censors its games?

    Also I learned something interesting – that while Michael Atkinson is solely responsible for holding the passing of an R rating back at THIS stage, it still would get blocked by Howard or now Rudd in the end. I didn’t know it went that high myself, but apparently it will. Unfortunately this means we probably won’t get the rating for another few decades. That has really annoyed me, and made me worried about our future.

    I’m not saying anyone with the opposite opinion to me is an idiot, but I think we can agree that like Jack, Mr. Atkinson is a crazy fool who doesn’t have any real grounding for his decision.

    I originally had a quote right here about how old people die eventually. I don’t want to give the impression that gamers like death (we don’t), so I took it out. But the point remains that at the worst we have to wait until some people from a younger generation are in power. Hopefully we won’t have to wait that long, but things aren’t looking too good at the moment.

    In case you didn’t pickup on it, the Yahtzee and Jason Hill thing was really interesting. I reccommed going to whatever you can at ACMI. I hope they continue to have gaming events after Game On is gone.

    Goodbye, Game On!

  • Re: the GG conference, I don’t know why they can’t just review the “unanimous vote” law and go for a majority rule. Seems to work when we want a Prime Minister, or kick someone off a reality show.

    Atkinson’s constant disregard for the opinions of his electorate have got to catch up to him sooner or later. The quicker he’s out on his morally ‘superior’ arse, the better.

  • That God I’m only stuck in this country for another 3 more years. I have little understanding on why people live here anyway, and I grew up here. It has every single animal that could kill you, it’s hot, it’s shit place to live for gamers, the price of living is way to high and we have an absolutely shit government.

    It’s barely even a democracy seeing as one man can stop the majority of getting what they want. It’s a shit country, and I can’t wait to get out

  • Tell us what you really think, Itiptop. haha.
    Have to agree with you on the whole cost of games. but things aren’t much better in europe either. a game still cost 40 pounds and 50-60 Euros. You COULD go to the states, where they HAVE to cater for cheap stuff because there are so many POOR people because the government bleeds them out of money at every turn and doesn’t even give them health care. but they have cheap fuel… yay.

    As for the political system we do not have enough people to have major laws differ from state to state like in America. It isn’t really the government either, it’s a law. it’s the law stating they must have unaminous vote (which IS crap).

  • I still think he looks disturbingly like a middle-aged Dave Hughes. “Awwww I’m not happy!”

    As for the R-rating being blocked by the PM, it can’t happen. If the AGs (not GGs, incidentally) approve it unanimously, then it goes ahead. The PM could theoretically block it indirectly by instructing the federal AG to vote “no”, but he has no official authority to refuse it.

  • I have absolutely no problems wishing the worst for anybody under the right circumstances, especially ignorant people.

    I think that pretty much clarifies my position on the matter.

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