Michael Atkinson Tempts The Law, Calls Own Magistrate “Daft And Delusional”

ma_face.jpgMichael Atkinson? Who’s that guy? Oh yeah, that’s right – he’s the Attorney-General against an R18+ rating for video games. Fallout 3, Dark Sector, Grand Theft Auto IV – their bans and/or censoring can be primarily attributed to this man.

Some will be sad to hear that Atkinson’s tempting had nothing to do with an irate cop, a baton and an unspeakable act. No, according to a story over at The Australian, Atkinson is on the verge of being sued by Dr Andrew Cannon, one of his own magistrates. Dr Cannon has accused Atkinson of defamation, after the South Australian AG called one of his statements “daft and delusional”.The article goes on to say that even with the “Law Society of South Australia, the Australian Council for Civil Liberties and the Judicial Conference of Australia” criticising Atkinson’s remarks, the AG continues to stand by them. What a steadfast fellow the AG is, even in the face of overwhelming criticism of his position.

If Atkinson is proved to be wrong in this case, it stands to reason he could be wrong about other matters. I’d never wish bad fortune on anyone, but if Atkinson is successfully sued, it might provoke a change in his world view. Might.

Last chance for Attorney-General to avoid being sued [The Australian]


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