Michael Ironside's Splinter Cell Role, Game's Script Still Up In the Air

Splinter Cell aficionados The Fisherists recently emailed Michael Ironside's manager, David Ginsberg, to try and get to the bottom of the rumours about whether the actor will be returning to voice Sam Fischer.

Word from Ginsberg is that no decision has yet been made and that Ubisoft is actually still working on the script for the increasingly delayed Splinter Cell: Conviction. Wait, what? Still working on the script? Wow, no wonder it just got bumped back.

Ginsberg goes on to sing the praises of Ironside's professionalism and non-egotism.

"thank you for your email. there are plenty of rumours circling but the truth is that Ubisoft is still working on the script/game and that there has been no conversations about Michael as of yet, casting may not even begin until later this year. as far as any rumours about ego and being difficult to work with, it couldn't be more incorrect. in fact those that have worked, produced and recorded with him had a great time and enjoyed his professionalism as well. there was nobody at Ubisoft who said anything otherwise - those are all fabricated rumours, and they unfortunately hurt both Ubisoft and Michael. those who report and publish rumours do nothing more than spread falsities without checking facts.

So things are all hunky-dory on the ego and working together front, but not so much on the Ubisoft actually finishing the game front? We're checking with the dev to make sure we don't publish a rumour without checking facts.

Word from Camp Ironside on Splinter Cell [Fisherists]


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