Mirror's Edge Motion Sickness

Mirror's Edge looks great. And the first-person-running-jumping-sliding-kicking-shooting gameplay is certainly novel and different. This morning, I checked out the E3 build, which looked, well, great. But...while watching the dev show off the game, I seriously started to feel ill. Really, really ill. I've never gotten motion sick from a game, and I got it pretty bad while checking out Mirror's Edge. Like to the point of breaking out in a cold sweat and feeling rather green. Actually playing the game didn't make me as sick as watching — and playing it was fun. The controls are intuitive and tight, and the overall design is polished.

I was talking with McWhertor why the game made me motion sick. He pointed out that the game does leave out certain colours in the colour platte and that maybe, just maybe that's the reason. That, or the jet lag or the lack of sleep.



    I recently bought Mirrors Edge, and started to play it one Friday after work.
    I also became quite ill and very irritable, I initially blamed it on the barbeque meat I had eaten earlier that day, but noted that the more I played the more nauseous I became. I eventually developed such a negative attitude towards the game, just the sight of the disk would cause a nauseous reminder. Weeks later my Girlfriend came over and wanted to check the game out, so I played a stage or two. After about 20mins she told me that she felt ill and wanted to puke and subsequently went home. I continued to play for about an hour until I also once again became ill with the same symptoms. Its actually such a quality game, but I just cant play it..…. Such a Pitty.


    [...] it, hate it, or occasionally vomit because of it, you have to admit that Mirror’s Edge was one of the more interesting games of the last few [...]

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