Morroblivion - You Got Your Morrowind In My Oblivion

While I'm a pretty big fan of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series, I just couldn't get into Morrowind. The gameplay was certainly there, as well as the depth, but the graphics just ground against my eyes. I despised the art direction. Now Oblivion, on the other hand, I loved, even with the repetitive voices and NPCs littering the landscape. Well now I can have the best of both worlds, with Morroblivion, a mod that allows players to import their Morrowind files into Oblivion. Suddenly everything old and muddy is new and crisp, and the prospect of playing through Morrowind in its entirety on the PC seems a lot more appealing.

All you need to get the mod working is Oblivion patched to 1.2 and Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon, which you can snag on Amazon for $US 10. I'll be spending most of the afternoon digging ferociously through my PC disc collection looking for them. Hit the link for screens, instructions, and even video of the mod in action. Brilliant work - now do Arena!

Morroblivion: The Resurrection of Morrowind [Official Mod Site - Thanks Sonya]


    I'm one of those "fags" that loved Morrowind and wasn't a fan of Oblivion. That said, when OOO came out for Oblivion I played it to death. This is still not what I really want though.

    There is a team of modders out there working on a visual upgrade for Morrowind, they don't have a website and have released very little information. Mostly because they aren't sure what they are doing is legal, once this is all cleared up, keep an eye out.

    This would be a good article if the news wasn't so old. You're also missing a critical point; no quests are converted. If they were, this would be awesome. Currently, it's just another landscape.

    Also, Oblivion sucked compared to Morrowind. Oblivion isn't an RPG. It's a FP action hack'n'slash.

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