Mortal Kombat Team Didn't Think Reaction To DC Crossover Would Be *That* Bad

Sitting down with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon at Comic-Con last week, we chatted about the developer's latest creation Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. This was after some extended play time with newly released characters Shang Tsung and Catwoman, both gobs of fun to play.

Having already discussed the previous take on Mortal Kombat 8 at length — with Boon telling me that it had been scrapped in favour of MK vs. DCU and that the ninth proper entry in the series may take it back to its ultra-violent roots — I wondered how much sleep Boon and crew had lost over the decision to junk that, instead adding a bunch of out of place superheroes.

Given that MK vs. DCU has no plans to introduce any new Mortal Kombat characters to the mythos — Boon called the MK side a "greatest hits" line up — how did the team feel fans would react to the inclusion of DC's finest? (The other "Vs". option Boon told us about chilled us to the bone, by the way.)

"If you're asking me to put a number on it, from one to ten, I'd have thought [the reaction to MK vs. DCU's announcement]would have been a four", Boon said at Midway's reception last week. "Turns out it was more like a nine".

Even if you're still turned off by the notion of superheroes and supervillians crashing the Mortal Kombat party, take comfort in this. Some unnamed Midway employees had actually suggested Mortal Kombat vs. Blitz as a viable option for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 entry. Boon said this with a straight face, after I asked him about the possibility of another High Impact Football game in his future, so be thankful you're getting what you're getting.

Boon didn't have to do much convincing to spark our interest in the game. We'd already been enjoying our hands on time with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe for the better part of an hour when he sat down.

Updated impressions? Catwoman's got a fantastic arse.


    Hey my name is Jacob T and I'm from Australia I'm 15yr's old i think dc is pretty mad thanks. But I had a really good game idea for a new Mortal Kombat game just give me a chance and listen. okay here it is for the story line/Online Konquest you guys should make Quan Chi and Shang Tsung the leaders of the Dragon Kings undead army and in war with earth realm and the leaders of earth realm would be Raiden the protecter of earth realm and Lu-Kang. And you you have to create your own player fighting styles and if he is evil or good also ranks/belts in konquest. Scorpion would be helping Quan chi like doing his dirty work and he would be a boss you can during the game vs and vice versa like if u where evil kung Lao would be a boss and also you would be like vrsing players to get rank but be doing Konquest with friends for get belts and more moves. But in arcade mode you should put all the original characters back in and make it separate to online/Konquest game but still make it online like a verses mod. Also I found the side puzzle games in deception real entertaining so that's my idea. I would really love to play a Mortal Kombat game like this. oooo and bring back the blood and gore mortal kombat just dosn't feel the same without it, thanks from Jacob

    You start the game first you chose if you want to be good/human or evil/undead dragon warrior then you chose clothes, hairstyle, beard on beard, age, height, weight and body type and 1 fighting style and 1 type of weapon then you go into training after training you go out into the would fighting people all around the world

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