Namco Bandai Says Soulcalibur IV Install Size 'Significantly Overblown'

Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur IV may be known for massive volumes in some aspects of its design, but a rumoured 6.5GB hard drive installation for the PlayStation 3 version is not the sort of bloat that sits well with gamers. Add to that an alleged 2GB save file and PS3 owners with a measly 20GB would have had to do some serious housecleaning in between grumbling sessions. The rumours of its disk space requirements have been greatly exaggerated, says the publisher.

"Those numbers are not accurate and are significantly overblown", a Namco Bandai rep told Kotaku. "The actual amount of space for the Soulcalibur IV install and save data file are inline with other games requiring this feature".

Reps did not respond to requests for more accurate (read: exact) installation sizes, nor did they comment on the hard drive requirements for the Xbox 360 version. We have an open request with Namco Bandai and Sony Computer Entertainment America to find out more.


    Here is my problem with large installs (i know this has been said a million times in this very article but whatever)

    i fucking hate the installs

    sure if the install was something small like 100 megs or less you know just to speed up the load times a tiny bit of for extra content i wouldent mind. but 8.5 gig installs is bullshit. here in Australia the only Hard disk we get is the 40 gig one. i know you can switch but not alot of gamers have the know how or money to buy a huge Hard drive. (do sony expect the casual gamer who just got a ps3 to buy gta4 and guitar hero to switch out the hard drive after buying more games?) and moreover why the fuck should we buy something better?, i just payed the morbidly overblown price of $750 bucks for a 40 gig ps3. i dont have another 200 bucks for a huge hard disk.

    This Rumour (even if its false) shows a upsetting trend in games on the ps3 these days. where do publishers draw the line?, judging from this post it looks as if 10 gig + installs are just over the horizon. so whats next 15, 20 30 gig installs?. lets do some backwards thinking. considering that we are just now seeing games use the full power of the ps3 it wont be long before we have insane installs.

    Lets do some quick math. on the original ps1 you could save 15 games (usually) towards the end of its lifecycle you could save about 7 games and be full up. on the ps2 with the 8 meg card you could save a shitload. i've owned a ps2 since it launched and i've only needed 2 cards and i have over 40 games. if we take this 8.5 gig number and divide it into a 40 gig hard drive you get 4.7 that means 5 games you will be able to enjoy before you're fucked. and i'm being liberal with the 40 gig figure in reality with ps updates and other content on your hard drive you will have closer to 30 gigs avalable. this leaves you with 4 games to play. this makes the ps3's memory system even worse than the ps1's about 3 times worse infact

    this is bad for business bad for sony, bad for fans and bad for games.

    i'll tell you what the $600 120gig xbox360 aint looking so bad these days

    so whats the solution?, sony has a few options
    1. Pack ps3's with huge hard drives right out of the box
    2. do something about the slow ass BR reader
    3. dont do anything and piss us all off

    sony really loves screwing their fans

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