New, Big, Explodey Killzone 2 Clip

Ahead of what will no doubt be a balls-and-all showing at E3 next week, Guerilla and Sony have released this new, gameplay-focused Killzone 2 clip. It's all looking very nice, epic, very explodey and, most importantly, (almost) very finished/real. Fingers crossed, however, that's the only time players are subjected to the line "I feel like a spare prick at a gang-bang".


    Very nice. Looks like they've been working overtime to fullfill their pre-rendered promises from a few years ago. Interested in seeing more of this now.

    im getting this game, i don't give a flying fuck what you ps3 dissers have to say, now pass me the blunt.

    Does anyone know if your legs and feet are visible in first person for this game?

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