Nexon Launches Combat Arms

Remember the uproar that was stirred when folks thought that EA's Battlefield: Bad Company would have weapons only available for purchase? For the few of you who actually liked the idea, Nexon presents Combat Arms, their first multiplayer online FPS. Along with a hearty selection of free weapons, Nexon allows players to purchase new weapons adn equipment from their online store, tricking out their character to their hearts' and wallets' content.

You can head over to the official website to download the game for free and check out the tons of new content Nexon has added in honour of today's official launch, including new weapons, a new map, and the addition of a new game mode, Capture the Flag. Wait, they've only just added Capture the Flag? This should be entertaining.

Combat Arms [Official Website]


    America is the bigest country in the world get over it. Theres other games we americans are just fortunet enough to get everything we want -.-

    Yeah LAG FTW. This game is only fun for the pain I cause to all the little US kiddies that I repeatedly PWN (something around 140k 12d {12d = lag deaths} spread) Accused of hacking many times. THIS is what happens when you game too much =P.
    But really ... only play this game for either the LOLZ or if your tired of SERIOUS shooters. OUT. SEE YOU ALL IN HELL MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    my combat arms won't work what should i do

    Hey guys, this game is awesome, if your on dial up then yes serious lag! ADSL+ and a decent computer will hack this game!..very addictive with the clan war system! If FPS is your game join me and my clan members.."Team Melbourne".

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