Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode Hits Xbox Live July 25

Those looking for more to do in Ninja Gaiden II should start rooting through the couch cushions for loose Microsoft Points, because details on the game's DLC have appeared, like, out of nowhere. One second there's a puff of smoke, the next Gamersyde reports that you'll be paying 800 MS Points for 25 new missions via Xbox Live. Cheap!

According to the report, two types of self-contained missions will extend the life of your Ninja Gaiden II experience: "Karma Attack missions task you with obtaining the highest score, while Survival missions give you a single weapon to fight off as many enemies as possible". What? No camera battle missions? That's the best part!

Ninja Gaiden DLC details [Gamersyde]


    I have absolutely no issue with the camera. You people need to stop calling me and the many people like me liars, because I think I speak for all of us when I say we don't appreciate it.

    Anyone who complains about the camera just doesn't know how to use it. Learning to tap RB when you need to is just like learning to hit LB for block. So, essentially, you guys could just as easily be whining, "the game is too hard because all the attacks get through! My character has no defense! I hate this game!" oh, wait... all you have to do is hit LT, and that problem goes away.

    Hit RB when you need to change face, hit LT when you need to block, and attack buttons when you need to attack. Problem solved.

    Oh, also, FYI, the camera can be freely rotated at any time via the right analog stick which, when done properly, does not detract from the gameplay at all.

    I admit that recreational gamers without lightning reflexes might have problems, but in all honesty, NG 2 is not for the casual gamer. Also, you aught to try playing an Onimusha title... There are several places in that game where there IS no camera control... just pre-determined camera positions in different areas a-la Resident Evil.

    Say what you want, but do not call me a liar. I have never had a single issue with camera control in NG 1 or NG 2, and I doubt I ever will.

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