Nintendo Australia To Service New Zealand

kiwiflag.jpgEarlier this year, things looked grim for Softprint, the distributor of Nintendo (and Activision) wares in New Zealand. Then, last month, the company handed in the towel, leaving our Rugby-loving neighbours high and dry. Distributor AID stepped in to pick up the slack, but without active promotion, advertising and marketing, Nintendo's future in the country remained uncertain.

Now, NZGamer is reporting that Nintendo Australia will be stepping in to save the day, with a representative stating it would "like to assure gamers in New Zealand that [it is]currently sorting everything to make this change happen". Sounds like good news to me, but I'd like to hear how those across the Tasman feel about the move.

Nintendo Australia To Take Over NZ? (Confirmed) [NZGamer, thanks Shaun]


    Personally, I could not be happier to hear that Nintendo Australia are going to be looking after us humble kiwis. After years of suffering at the hands of sub-standard distributors in this country (Monaco, Softprint) Nintendo may actually have a chance - its no secret that the wii has only found its way into the homes of the few Nintendo faithful in this country. I cannot begin to describe how sad I used to feel working in a gaming department, watching people wander past the well stocked Nintendo area, on their hunt for the latest ATV/Rugby/gta clone title on the shelf.

    Great news! Nintendo OZ has done a great job, hopefully they'll do the same in NZ.

    Funny thing is, nobody cares. The Wii never really took off in NZ and is considered by many here to be nothing more than a gimmicky console.

    New Zealand has always been a weak spot for Nintendo, really. I grew up there and from what I recall the NES / SNES barely made an impact at all. It was one of the rare countries where Sega really dominated the market.

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