Nintendo Reveals Wii Music - A Band Game Without Plastic Instruments!

The last thing the world needs is another set of plastic musical instruments cluttering our collective living room. Nintendo knows this, and their answer to music hungry fans is Wii Music, a game all about jamming and enjoying playing with your friends. There's no competition, no rhythm, and no timing.

"This game is one of the titles we started designing around Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit" said Miyamoto, who had appeared on stage during the game's introduction, playing the sax. "We designed Wii Music to allow everyone the joy of performing music".

Details are still forthcoming, but we know that around 50 different instruments will be playable, from traditional Japanese drums with balance board support for drum kits, standing bass, violins...a virtual symphony. The game even features drum lessons for the rhythmically challneged.

The game supports four players, and can not only evaluate your performance, but also record videos of your performance to share with your friends.

Nice! all the fun of a Rock Band game without making you look like too much of a tool for failing.


    Wasn't this announced about 2 years ago? Remember that demo with the person playing the drums? I think one of those online shows played it at E3... Pure Pwnage or something.

    Anyhow, I think we're being a little overloaded with music games at the moment. I mean I've bought a few (Elite Beat Agents is still second only to Rock Band), but with Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Battle of the Bands, Rock Revolution, and all their sequels and spin offs, this better be DAMN good if it's going to do well.

    ...Wait, it's developed by Nintendo. Of course it'll do well.

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