No Changes On Final Fantasy Versus XIII Being PS3 'Exclusive'

Square Enix's pledge of allegiance to the Xbox 360 platform in the form of a Final Fantasy XIII port may have shaken the PlayStation fanbase to its very core. The loss of yet another PlayStation 3 "exclusive" essentially makes message boards the equivalent of a dark alley for Sony devotees. What about the other Final Fantasy XIII project, Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Shinji Hashimoto of Square Enix said at the publisher's press conference today that plans for Final Fantasy Versus XIII to ship as a PlayStation 3 exclusive haven't changed. Of course, we have no inkling about what exactly Square Enix's plans for the title have been from the get go, as the core entry, FF XIII, has long been touted as coming "only to PlayStation 3".

Stay strong, console warriors. We think it'd be best to resign yourselves to the fact that third party console exclusives are but a thing of the past and that both Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be enjoying the title by 2012.


    @smuckers is good... so you want a console monopoly? Dont you think we pay enough for games and hardware? So You would like to pay more?

    All I have to say to the fanboys is "be careful what you wish for". If your console wins and the other dies, you STILL LOSE. Prices up, quality down.

    Final Fantasy XIII will be available on PLAYSTATION a year earlier than the Xbox 360 version plus it will remain a exclusive in Japan. And Final Fantasy Versus XIII still is a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive game. The PS3 version will be better according to Suare-Enix because of Blu-ray Disc technology.

    If this is released on 360, then why have exclusives?
    Gears of War shud have been released on PS3 {but we really dont wont halo {BLOOM!!!}}
    Why release an Originally PS exclusive game on the 360 when MS definatly wont give anything to SONY.

    If this is the case every game shud be released on both consoles {Wii does there own thing}, that way we can truely say this/that game was better on whatever console.

    I'm sorry to say this and I'll apologise to many others about this announcement I'll make. I thought of Square Enix as a respectable japanese company. I understand you have "business" priorities. But cut out the ******** already....

    Square Enix, I should have known your ways. By saying this "it wasn't a long time ago that we made the decision. we had to adjust things, like our relationship with microsoft. it was recent." to all the loyal FF die hards is a slap in the face. This is the same **** that happened to Nintendo and Sony FF in the past, that completely pissed me off since I was an avid supporter of Nintendo at that time. Square Enix, you promised every PS3 owner about exclusivity to the Playstation brand from E3 2006 and Today after I read all the major Headlines detailing "Xbox gets another PS3 exclusive", I really don't know what to say....Lies DAMMIT MORE LIES that I'm sick of hearing about...

    Square, Unlike Konami's MGS4 which was a big hit you fail to realise that many loyal die hard FF fans have purchased the Playstation system for years because of it's exclusivity to Sony. It seems like Microsoft will spread it's money so that it be on the 360 where they haven't got a cult following of the FF series on Xbox. Does that make sense? No, But where the money leads you Square Enix is what is important to your "business" priorities. I'm really happy about that. Happy about finally deciding not to buy or support anymore Square Enix products from today onwards.

    Today, Square Enix you lost my faith and confidence as a respectable japanese games company. Now Sony, please announce God of War 3, Uncharted 2, InFamous, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and many other kick as games. And Nintendo please release more awesome games for the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    oh yea does MS have to steal everything. >
    Thats the only reason MS has gotten anywhere, by buying out and stealing, sucking the life out of everyone of there competitors.
    IF only 360 owners knew the truth and what there doing to original thought being put into games, they would change...........they would change.
    *tears swell up in my eyes*

    The Sony conference kick ass with the new PS3 model God of war 3 MAG the new video on demand service and resistance 2 plus ratchet and clank quest for booty socom amazing. inFamous cant wait for that and killzone 2 soon. HOME looks sick home space and gt tv looks great and google youtube video integration sounds great. Also the movie serive price is great really low and you can move anywhere. Microsoft e3 shows was boring nothing new sony kick their ass FFXIII will be exclusive in japan and will come a full year earlier here than the xbox dumbed down version to dvd9. and Resistance for PSP looks great bye bye DS.

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