No Date For XNA Creators Club Games In Oz

No Date For XNA Creators Club Games In Oz

Yeah! Homebrew Xbox 360 games made by XNA Creators Club members on Xbox Live! Sounds radical. Neat even. Shame Australia won’t be getting it at launch. From the XNA website:

In which regions will Xbox LIVE Community Games be available when it launches this holiday?
Consumers in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain will be able to download Xbox LIVE Community Games at launch. We’ll be adding support for other regions later in 2009 and beyond.

Well, that’s a bit crappy, isn’t it? We pinged Microsoft’s local presence about the issue, and it was unable to provide a reason for the delay or an exact date.

[Thanks Dominic]


  • Just like with the beta, the reason for this is the goddamn OFLC. Microsoft won’t let us have access to this stuff because legally it has to be classified, the classification process is a few thousand dollars, and there’s no way that anyone would pay that just to release a dinky little hobbyist game. If they get a full MS-supported XBLA release later on then we might get a chance to play them. It really put a damper on things for me, I had been hoping to make a few games in XNA. It’s a really nice environment.

  • I really hope this gets rectified soon. Not only do I want to have a chance at playing what’s out there, but I want the opportunity to get my own games in the system as well. So far, this news is very disappointing. Keep us updated Logan.

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