PlayStation 3's 'MAG' In Real-Time

The reveal of Zipper Interactive's MAG at E3 2008 was slightly tarnished by the fact that what Sony presented at its media briefing was a pre-rendered affair. Sure, it looked like that clip utilised in-game assets, but we've been burned by CG before. Never again!

Fortunately, on the official, we get a look at how MAG will run in real-time, thanks to Rade Stojsavljevic, the game's senior producer. Stojsavljevic notes in the comments that the official still of MAG is "an actual screenshot running on a PS3", one "cropped to centre on the action".

Impressive? Hard to tell at 500 x 281 resolution, but we're willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

First look at MAG [PlayStation.Blog - thanks, Stephen!]


    I call bullshit here are my reasons

    *If they had the game running with what seems to be about 12 players why not show gameplay footage at e3 last week?, better yet, if they had the game running why not post a gameplay video rather than a still?

    * It almost seems like sony's policy is to fool us with eye candy, remember killzone at the 2005 e3. well in my opinion killzone has gotten less and less impressive with each showing, what once blew our minds will now look just like call of duty 4, that being said call of duty 4 is an awesome game

    *Sure this may be running off a ps3, maybe someone is playing a CG movie on a ps3

    *these days we have to wait till the game is playable to know what it will look like.

    all this being said the game does look pretty good, and since it's built for the ps3 from the ground up lets hope its as good as it looks

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