Porn Star Tera Patrick's Saints Row 2 'Developer' 'Commentary'

THQ has tapped porn star Tera Patrick to do something within the vicinity of its upcoming sandbox-style action-adventure game Saints Row 2, hoping to lure in a few more buyers still wowed by almost seeing some giant fake tits. In the first "dev diary", Ms. Patrick says some things about the Saints Row series while taking her clothes off, with gameplay footage edited in for good measure. This teaser is mostly interesting for the fact that you can wear a hot dog suit in Saints Row 2.

The potentially NSFW clip is after the jump for your safety.

A high-res version awaits you at IGN.

Tera Patrick Developer Commentary [IGN]


    Tera Patrick is about as attractive as a rolled back foreskin. Yeah, I liked this campaign footage about as much as I enjoyed watching her 'do porn' with her chode wielding husband, Evan Seinfeld. Classy.

    "THQ has tapped porn star Tera Patrick..."

    They're not the first.

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