Porn Starlet Tera Patrick Joins Saint's Row 2

Weapons? Drugs? Violence? What doesn't Saint's Row 2 have (that Grand Theft Auto has already done)? A porn starlet on the development team. No, not 'on' the development team. CVG reports that Veteran adult entertainment engineer Tera Patrick has apparently joined the team at Volition as a "special producer". What exactly she will be producing remains up in the air at this time, but I am assuming it has something to do with procedurally generating sales to the sort of people who know her work intimately. Having seen Ms. Patrick performing her work accidentally via the internet in the long-distant past a week ago, I can't imagine what else she might be bringing to the table, other than wobbly table legs.

All will be revealed soon, teases the game's publisher THQ. In the meantime, Tera will be at the company's booth at Comic-Con on Saturday to pose for photographs and give convention goers the completely false impression that they have a chance in hell of getting together with her.

Porn star joins Saints Row dev team [CVG]


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