Princess Debut Charms Our Dancing Shoes Off

Back at E3, we had a chance to check out some of the titles Natsume is publishing in the US. Titles like Rune Factory 2 for the DS. It's of course the second Rune Factory game, which is best explained as Harvest Moon meets fantasyland. The game's going to be out this fall, and here's something I didn't know about it: Rune Factory 2 has over 9,000 words of text. That's a lot of text! For those not into the fantasy element, the DS and the Wii will both see new Harvest Moon games. Bring on the farming and marrying!

The most exciting title Natsume is bringing? Princess Debut, hands down. We posted about it before, and the DS game is broken down into three parts: rhythm game, princess dress-up and find a prince. The game takes place within the thirty days before a big ball. The game has multiple endings in story mode, and the dancing sequences use full motion capture. It's even possible to watch footsteps on the dance sequence and learn the steps.

The game is geared towards the female pre-teen ('tween) audience, and while Princess Debut doesn't make any misgivings about its girlyness, the game doesn't appear to be shovelware in the least. While checking out Natsume's line-up, Princess Debut went from being the game we were least interested in to the game we were the most interested in. Hey, who doesn't want to play rhythm games, learn to actually dance and find a prince?! Princess Debut debuts later this year.


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