PS3 Trophies Will Make Unlocking Noises

Xbox 360's Achievements make a noise when unlocked. Not only that, a recognisable noise. But what about PlayStation Trophies? Will they make a noise? When the Sony 2.40 Firmware FAQ went live yesterday, it was sadly noted that the PS3 Trophies would not make an in-game sound effect when achieved. Wrong! Says Sony's Jeff Rubenstein:

Actually on my way home, I got an email from Eric [Lempel, director, PlayStation Network Operations]asking me to update this post; there *will* be a sound effect when a user unlocks a trophy. You'll be hearing it soon enough. Hopefully a lot...

But what will they sound like? Ah, the suspense!

Firmware v2.40 FAQ [PlayStation.Blog via Videogamer][Pic]


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