Res 5 Producer Tries To Close The Book On Racism Claims

The whole "Res 5 is racist!!!" thing got pretty big for a while there, didn't it? Culminated in some thoughtful (and heated) discussions about the place, few as notable as N'Gai Croal's "clearly no one black worked on this game" piece on MTV. Well, in a case of "better late than never", the game's producer - Jun Takeuchi - has attempted to put the whole mess to bed by saying clearly somebody black worked on this game, telling MTV:

To answer the question that was posted on your blog, there are black members in the development team. We do have staff working on the game, who are aware of the historical background and we are constantly checking these kinds of things with them.

Course, he doesn't say how long those staff have been working on the game, but slow, reactive progress is progress nonetheless.

'Resident Evil 5′ Producer Comments On Horror, Chainsaw Ownership And Whether Black People Worked On His Game [MTV]


    who even considers skin colour nowadays? honestly, its pathetic.

    if i was a dude with dark skin i reckon i'd be offended if i wasn't allowed a zombie rendition of myself. Banning this game would be utter racism!

    people with white skin can rap and people with black skin can be zombies, fair is fair. Its just cosmetics, people!

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