Resident Evil 5 Launching March 2009

The Microsoft press conference at E3 2008 saw a game demo of Capcom's Resident Evil 5, after which Jun Takeuchi announced the release date for the eagerly anticipated title. Resident Evil 5 will be launching worldwide on Friday, March 13th 2009, except for Japan who get it a day earlier. Friday the 13th? Really? How many months do you think they pushed it back just to get that special, more-evil Friday the 13th release?


    Many moons ago, I think it was RE2 with the lickers--about 2 am in the morning a licker fell from the ceiling in front of my character and I screamed at the top of my lungs, the controller went flying and my fearless protecting cats ran so fast they bumped into each other trying to get out of the room. Oh please hurry. RE4 was awesome and the Regenerators gave me nightmares----I love it. You guys rock!!!!

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