Resident Evil And Devil May Cry Comics On The Way

As I've said before, DC's WildStorm imprint is slowly becoming THE video game comic book label of choice. They've got World of Warcraft (an excellent series btw), Gears of War, the recently announced Mirror's Edge, and now they're adding two of Capcom's hottest properties to the list. That's right, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry are the latest video game properties to get the WildStorm treatment, though the company has already delved into the Resident Evil mythos in the past.

"We're ecstatic that Resident Evil is returning to WildStorm, where we have already established deep roots into the mythos of this world," said Hank Kanalz, Vice President/General Manager for WildStorm. "We can't wait to continue, and bring a freshness and excitement to the property to match the amazing things they are doing with the game."

Details on creative teams, launch months, and storylines are still forthcoming. This needs to stop. As a recovering weekly comic book addict, combining comics and video games makes it far too easy for me to justify those weekly comic shop visits. Have mercy!


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